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Fall travel destination – Finland

fall travel destination

Summer is over and passionate travelers, who already ended up with beach holidays, start searching for some interesting destinations for their fall and winter trips. The choice is huge and I’ve already posted an article on the Top 5 best fall travel destinations. But let me introduce you to another great European corner where you can spend wonderful time visiting historic places, enjoying unspoiled nature and friendly people. This corner is Finland. Yes, it’s maybe not a very traditional place to go, but on this travel blog I love to share some really special places instead of telling you once again about places that you have visited dozens of times! So, in this article you’ll find interesting facts about Finland that might change your point of view on this northern country.
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Top 5 best fall travel destinations

fall travel destinations

Summer is coming to an end, but for travelers it’s more an advantage than a disadvantage. The fall season is not so hot, yet still not cold what makes the next couple of months an ideal time for tourism. If you still have a week or two left from your vacation, then enjoy this great time and visit one of the top travel destinations for autumn 2013!
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Tips for travelers – 7 steps to a perfect trip

tips for travelers

When you have a decent budget for your holidays, then all you need to do is to visit any nearby travel agency, look through the brochure and choose a tour that suits your requirements. Quick and easy! But if your budget is limited and you are not sure about where exactly you’d like to go (and what you can afford), then planning a trip can become much more time consuming. Nevertheless there are some hints and tricks that will let you ease the process, so check our tips for travelers and learn how to plan a trip in 7 easy steps!
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Top of best beach gadgets and applications

best beach gadgets

Summer is coming to an end, but many of us still have a beach holiday ahead, right? Lying by the pool, relaxing in the sun, sipping cocktails and swimming is great. But all this will be even more exciting with latest gadgets and applications that will make your vacation even more fun and careless. So, here you have a list of best beach gadgets and application for your summer fun!
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Top 5 best Europe road trips

best Europe road trips

Few months ago I’ve posted an article on the best USA road trips. It was quite popular among my readers which proves that people love to travel by car. So, naturally, I decided to continue this theme and today let me present you the top 5 best Europe road trips – the most picturesque, romantic and exciting routes that can be found in Europe!
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How to choose a suitcase?

how to choose a suitcase

Traveling involves lots of troubles, like online checking, printing the docs, planning the route etc. And the last thing you need while you’re on the road is a suitcase with broken handles or defected wheels, right? This means you should be really careful when choosing your “travel buddy” and today I’m going to share with you some tips on how to choose a suitcase that will be your reliable companion for years!
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Life in Thailand – Thai fruits

Life in Thailand

Recently there’s a certain trend among Europeans to move to Thailand. Those, who already packed their bags and departed to this tropical country, claim that life in Thailand is way cheaper than in Europe, very comfortable due to warm climate and also very interesting because of unique Thai culture and nature. More and more people get carried away by a dream of living at the seaside, enjoying great weather and fresh local food. Thai food, by the way, is another reason for moving to this country. There are lots of fresh seafood, fish, meat and vegetable available daily for very reasonable prices. And last, but not least, come fruits. Thai fruits are numerous, exotic and extremely tasty. And today I’ll make a quick overview of the most popular fruits so you could see for yourself how great it would be to have all of them at your table on a regular basis!
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Travel to Portugal: types of Portuguese vacations

Travel to Portuga

There are many countries in Europe that offer great opportunities for summer vacation! There are gorgeous beaches in Spain, historic cities in Italy, gourmet food in France and sporting facilities in Austria. But there’s one country that has it all and for very reasonable price! This country is Portugal. My today’s story is about travel to Portugal: what types of vacation you can have and what to expect!
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