Flight tips for successful trip

flight tips

Sometimes your travel destination is so remote and flight is so long that you have to spend an entire day in airplane cabin. In this situation passengers of economy class get the worst of it. They can’t fall asleep because of the sounds around, crying children and bright light from the windows. Among other things, passengers often don’t have enough space for legs and temperature is not always comfortable. Feet swell, back aches, a nightmare. But is there any solution? Can we make a flight a bit more comfort? Yes, we sure can, following these simple flight tips for successful trip.

Choose a perfect seat

When you check-in, ask for seat at the window. Thus you’ll be able to change position and lie your head on the porthole frame. Also, no one will disturb you, stepping onto your feet when heading to the toilet. Besides, you can raise and lower the porthole curtain when you need it.
If possible, choose a seat at the wall that separates the cabins as there are usually a little more space for legs. Avoid seats next to the toilet or you will be constantly disturbed by noise and odors.
Of course, you have to arrive to the airport early to have an opportunity to choose the best seat possible.

Think about luggage

Be sure to have a really small carry-on bag and place it into the luggage rack above your head. Thus you’ll ensure to have more space for legs.

Dress properly

For a long flight wear loose comfortable clothing, consisting of several layers which are easy to remove and put on again.
You should choose comfortable soft shoes: your feet may swell during a long flight and narrow shoes might cause pain.
Take warm socks with you in the cabin. During a long flight, cabin floor is often a cold.

Move around

Even if you don’t need to use a toilet, get up at least once an hour and walk down the aisle.
Stop by the wall and rotate your feet in different directions. Then pull your toes up and down. This will improve blood circulation in the legs and reduce the chance of swelling.
Once in an hour bend your knees to the stomach and fix this position for five to ten seconds. Then stretch your arms up and slide them behind the back. Sit for a minute. Repeat two or three times. These simple exercises will help to avoid or at least to reduce back ache.
If there is discomfort in the neck, out your hands on the head and gently pull it down toward your chest until you feel that muscles in the back of the neck and shoulders stretch. Keep this position for few seconds and repeat several times.

Be reasonable and prudent

If you are going to sleep during the flight, then don’t forget eye mask and inflatable neck pillow. Choose the one with the velvety surface without any seams. Avoid alcohol as its relaxing effect is very questionable.

Following these flight tips will ensure that your flight is as comfortable as it can be, but the most important thing is your mood. Remain optimistic even if your entire body swells and aches and remember that this flight is a beginning of an exciting adventure!

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