Top 10 suitcase packing tips

suitcase packing tips

If after each trip you pull things out of the suitcase and see that there are more than 2-3 things that you didn’t use at least once or the weight of your suitcase weights same as you do, than this article is for you! Learn some simple suitcase packing tips that will be very helpful if you live a travel lifestyle and move around a lot.

1. If you travel with someone else, divide all things into two bags so that in case one bag is lost, you both will have at least a part of your belongings with you.

2. Lay out all the things that you want to take with you on the bed. Figure out what you will put on during the day and in the evening. It turns out that you have same quantity of clothes in front of you as the number of days and evening? This is too much! Don’t forget that you will carry all this weight in your hands. If you plan a little shopping, then take even less clothes.

3. Roll all your things into tight roll so that clothes don’t get shapeless. Check out my special packing tips.

4. Choose one color palette for your holiday clothes to combine it easily. For example, brown, beige, white, mint, rose.

5. Do not leave valuables things or cash in your suitcase. Specially if luggage will be subject to inspection. Put such things in your purse or handbag of your partner, and another part in an inner pocket of your jacket.

6. If you check-in your luggage, then prepare a separate carry-on bag with everything you might need during the flight: contact lenses, handkerchief, cosmetics, napkins, water, book etc.

7. All that can leak – will leak. That a rule! Shampoos, shower gels, creams – all should be packed securely and tightly. Use a miniature travel sets to reduce the weight of suitcase.

8. If you live a nomad lifestyle, then buy one little cosmetic purse, equip it with everything that you usually use in travel (from a little toothbrush to mini shampoo and face cream), put it in your suitcase and don’t ever take it out. Thus you’ll save a lot of time when packing and will be sure that nothing is forgotten.

9. You don’t travel frequently and there’s no sense in keeping a bag packed? Then make a list of those little things that we are always afraid to forget, and use it when packing, to save time.

10. Last, but not least – don’t forget medicines for emergency cases!

Follow these simple suitcase packing tips and have a great holiday!

P.s. You might also want to check an article with tips for holidaymakers, that will help you to avoid the most common travel mistakes and have a successful trip!

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