Top of best beach gadgets and applications

best beach gadgets

Summer is coming to an end, but many of us still have a beach holiday ahead, right? Lying by the pool, relaxing in the sun, sipping cocktails and swimming is great. But all this will be even more exciting with latest gadgets and applications that will make your vacation even more fun and careless. So, here you have a list of best beach gadgets and application for your summer fun!


1. Camera Olympus Tough TG-2 with ultra-fast autofocus, and four-time optical zoom allows you to take pictures even at a depth of 15 meters ($ 380).

2. Kyocera Torque E6710 – this smartphone is anything but fragile: dust, shock, temperature and water adventures is not a problem for this model. It is equiped with Android , a camera of 5 megapixels and battery, designed for 19 hours of work (from $ 100).

3. The tablet Sony Xperia Z is able to stay under water for up to half an hour and still work fine. It boasts a 10.1-inch Sony HDTVs screen, smaller than the iPad mini ($ 500).

4. Waterproof MP3-player PSWP4 is built-into headphones with 4 GB memory for 1,300 songs, and the battery that keeps up to 10 hours ($ 65).

5. Wireless speaker Ecoxgear EcoXBT gives a much louder sound than one would expect, “can” swim and dive into the depths. In addition, the built-in microphone allows you to call your friends without leaving a swimming pool ($ 130).

Beach Applications

1. Surfline offers information on thousands of surf spots and a live broadcast.
Android, iOS, free of charge.

2. Boat Beacon shows the location of commercial and recreational vessels, so you can rent the desired yacht.
Android, iOS, $ 10.

3. Divetime contains a catalog of more than 13 000 diving sites from around the world.
iOS, $ 4.

4. Radarscope provides high-quality weather forecast with detailed images.
Android, iOS, $ 10.

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